About Us

Advance IT Dhaka

Why Advance IT Dhaka will be your best choice for outsourcing and freelancing training in Bangladesh?

We render a wide range of training services that are of international standard and quality. We have arranged our courses and training services based on the best quality and most effective concepts and methodologies.

The students are our main concern. This is why, we always try to give them preferences and for their conveniences, we have prepared and arranged highly personalized teaching contents and delivery services. Considering the learning capacity and expertise, we take care and train up each of the students individually.

Training is provided to the students in a convenient and practical manner. Here the students are highly encouraged to participate in the discussion. Thus the students get the privileges for getting a training that is well balanced, combining theoretical, practical and experiential learning. The most emphasis is given on practical and experiential learning to help the students easily coping up with the international online marketplaces.

Our teaching contents are well researched and reflect the modern methods, strategies and techniques of current online outsourcing market.

We are determined to create some well groomed, skilled, proficient and confident freelancers or outsourcing professionals. We are here to show you the correct path by making the best use of your energy, talent and efforts to achieve your goal.

As we are committed to ensure and maintain the consistency of our high quality teaching and training services, we have a group of adept, experienced and professional teachers and training consultants.

We deliver our class lectures and also handouts in both Bengali and English languages so that the lectures become easily understandable to the students.

We train up the students in such a way so that they become expert in communicating with the foreign buyers in English.

We always enrich the students with the knowledge of recent market trends. We train up them to learn the necessary computer operations and use of the related and latest computer software.

We give the students continuous and lifetime support till their establishment as outsourcing professionals.

After the completion of the course, there are opportunities for the students to join our organization according to their talents, knowledge, skills and proficiency.