Search Engine Optimization

|| What is Search Engine Optimization ||
Search Engine Optimization, in short, is called SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you can make your site reachable to everyone using the search engine at free of charge. Let’s make the term more clear with an example. We, those who use the Internet, are familiar with the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Among these, Google is the most popular search engine. When we want to collect information about a particular thing, we explore the search engine. For example, if you want the links to all Bangladeshi newspapers, then you may write in the Google search box “Bangladeshi newspaper links.” After this when you click on search, then you’ll see many website links will appear before you.

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Now the question can come to your mind that how these links came here. Whether Google has selected those sites or someone has applied for submitting those sites to Google. Two of the above thoughts are right. But at first, comes the process of application, then comes selection. Search Engine Optimization is the combination of these two. That means, from the starting of adequately submitting the sites to the search engines till their collection – all the issues that are involved in it, as a whole, is the process of search engine optimization.

Google publishes a list or result of all the sites that have been submitted to the search engine. The primary job of search engine optimization is to be on the first page of this list. And Google publishes this list considering all the issues like popularity, necessity and importance of a website. The job of SEO is to develop the quality of a site for the search engine. The search engine finds the optimized webpage easily and includes it in the list. And a website is optimized following various methods.

|| Reasons for doing Search Engine Optimization ||
Many of you may think that why we should do Search Engine Optimization. The simple answer is, to increase the visitors or traffic of the website. Without visitors, a site has no value. And the importance of Search Engine Optimization lies in raising the number of visitors. The primary objectives of Search Engine Optimization include:

  1. To make your site easily reachable to all
  2. To increase the popularity of the website
  3. To increase the visitors of the website
  4. It acts as a platform for different types of online earning
  5. It serves as a strong base for exchanging information and for surviving in the competition.

|| Benefits of Learning Search Engine Optimization ||
SEO has immense necessity and usefulness. To increase the traffic of your website, this is an incomparable method. As today’s era is competitive, it’s very tough to survive in the competition. No one has time to remember your site. People want to get their required information smoothly and very fast. For this reason, they use the search engine. And if the Search Engine Optimization of your website is done, you can present your site to the people. To have a business promotion of your site, Search Engine Optimization is a must. The jobs like doing online marketing, representing new products to the people and arranging and continuing promotion campaign for new software have become more comfortable because of SEO. So, to earn either from online advertisements or from online marketing, there is no way except optimization. Let’s talk about Google Adsense for example. To get success with Google Adsense, SEO plays a significant and vital role. To get more visitors, more clicks, more earning- everything will be possible by search engine optimization. So, considering the above discussion, do you think there is any other way except Search Engine Optimization for increasing your site’s online income or traffic?

|| What are the requirements for learning Search Engine Optimization? ||
If you want to learn SEO, at first, you need to have a bright idea about some essential topics. These basic topics are:

  • Knowledge of websites,website structure and layout
  • Sound knowledge about HTML
  • Process of accurate keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Article writing ability
  • Concept of backlinks
  • Concept of page rank
  • Understanding of search engine and search process
  • Experience of using meta tags
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Social Promotion
  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Analysis,planning,Budgeting concept is also necessary.

The above-listed topics are very much crucial for Search Engine Optimization. This is why it’s necessary to have a clear conception regarding these topics. Advance IT provides Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training in Bangladesh.