13 vicious traps of offshore freelance

Isn’t it tempting to outsource projects to an offshore freelancer? Of course, who wouldn’t like giving away their tedious and monotonous work to a freelancer from another country, at much lesser rates? In addition, there are numerous websites which help you find freelancers that fit for your desired job.

13 vicious traps of offshore freelance

From outside, the idea seems to be quite good and simple. However, everything comes with some flaws or limitations, so is the case with offshore freelancing. Let’s have a look at some of the major drawbacks of offshore freelancing.

1. The process of recruiting through freelancing websites is difficult

Recruiting through freelancing websites is not an easy task. Sites like Upwork have millions of users. When you post a job on such websites, you get thousands of responses. Many of them are irrelevant. Candidates who do not fit into the role also apply, just to secure a job. You have to browse through each profile and select the right candidate.

2. Freelancers are famous for uploading fake profiles on websites

Very often, freelancers lie about their education, experience, and skills in their profile on freelancing job portals. For example, most of the candidates write “fluent in spoken English” in their profile, which may not be true for many of them. It will affect the quality of work since they do not possess the required skill set.

3. They take a percentage of payment in advance

Don’t forget that some freelancers charge advance payment, which can be around 20% of the total fee. That should be perfectly fine until the freelancer works properly and completes the project on time. However, there are many of them who leave projects mid-way, even after taking the advance payment.

4. Not good for long-term

Freelancing, by nature, is for short-term and specific tasks. If you’re thinking about building long-term relationships with your freelancers, then it’s simply not possible. You might have hired 10 different freelancers for various jobs. Continuous coordination with all of them will incur the significant amount of time and efforts, which can be used somewhere else more productively.

5. Less Co-ordination due to time zone difference

Continuous coordination with a freelancer is not possible. The main reason is the time zone difference. Mostly, freelancers are located in completely different time zones and it’s not always possible to schedule the late night or early morning calls for both the parties.

6. Poor infrastructure

Most of the freelancers are based in developing countries. They may not have the proper infrastructure required for smooth functioning of projects. The productivity of freelancers working remotely from home is often affected by power outages, unstable internet connectivity, slow and outdated PCs, etc.

7. Unprofessional attitude

Clients working with offshore freelancers often complain about missed deadlines, unavailability, poor quality or incomplete work being returned to the client. These issues leave the client frustrated.

8. Priority

Freelancers work with multiple clients at a time. Their priorities may change with time which may result in the delay of your project.

9. No contract

There’s no legal contract signed when hiring a freelancer. Hence, there is no security ensure that a freelancer won’t leave a project midway if a better opportunity arises.

10. Data theft

What if the freelancer copies your data? There is no legal contract that can protect intellectual property and data theft when working with a freelancer.

11. Freelancers also give projects to others

Sometimes, freelancers operate as sole proprietorship firms. They take the projects and then give them away to someone else. So, you’re not sure if the person working on your project is even qualified enough or possess the necessary skill set.

12. Works alone

A freelancer works from home, alone with no team members around. In case if that person has any doubts or gets stuck in the middle of a project, then he/she has nobody to clear doubts.

13. No supervision

A freelancer works remotely without any supervision. There’s no way to track whether the person is working on a project or not. As a result, the working relationship often breaks down in the middle of a project.

Summing up, don’t just look at the cost benefit of hiring a freelancer. Consider all the above-mentioned factors and then take your decision. You could consider hiring an offshore team of outsourcing service provider, who will take care of everything from recruitment to project completion and support.




Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

To know this importance let’s get started with a question: “For what reason would it be a good idea for you as an entrepreneur and why you worried about SEO for your small business?

Regarding this question answer we provide some pointers to know find out the real fact behind:

Since, you need to give traffic to your site with such a phenomenal client encounter, to the point that they will tell others.

Since you need to give web search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo basic data so they will put your webpage in the main 5 spots on their first page.

Importance of SEO for Small BusinessesGenerally, the activity of an internet searcher is to take the data wrote in by the client and find the most significant sites utilizing those keywords. Basically, in the event that you are not participating in SEO, you are not on that initial page of results. On the other hand, the other person is taken all the facility by doing SEO and he got the first in position! By putting resources into web search tool advertising, you are remaining focused with those different folks while giving your image name introduction 24 hours, 7 days a week and are certain to increase new clients; even while you taking rest.

How about we investigate what a decent SEO administration can improve the situation you while you take a rest, we actually found 5 Reasons to Invest in SEO Marketing; let’s take look:

Ideal User Experience: Search engine optimization is eventually about giving the client the friendliest, speediest, most ideal experience. A web crawler needs to give the client what they are searching for, and when it can do that, the two gatherings are glad. A glad guest will turn into a returning guest.

Source: 5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses

Ideal Reach: Individuals unwittingly trust web index comes about. In the event to describe, let’s see an example, that the Google place Advance IT Center in the best spot of a search, at that point, it probably earned a lot from that place and it must be great. A client at that point tells every one of his companions on Facebook and Twitter that he’s setting off to advance IT owner and he welcomes them, leaving the connection for them to click too. The laws of the increase can work really quick, and before you know it, a number of potential outsourcers appear at Advance IT center! Why? Since the internet searcher coordinated everything superbly, and everything indicated the owner of Advance IT Center.

Ideal Potentiality for Conversion: digital marketing, including SEO, pulls in individuals who are as of now searching for your products or services. You don’t need to shout, move, or wear cool garments to pick up a crowd of people; they are as of now persuaded of their need which is the reason they went seeking in any case. No striking print promotion put up front on the magazine page is required. You simply need to introduce yourself in one of those best 5 comes about and voila! They were searching for you and you appeared acceptable on time! Regardless you need to persuade them that you are the better organization to buy from, yet a large portion of the fight is finished. When they go to your site, on the off chance that you have contributed the same dull work to improve the client’s involvement with you by giving the substance they look for, at that point you are well on your approach to picking up another client.

Ideal Exposure for Brand Awareness: As expressed in point 2, individuals unwittingly trust search engine comes about. In any case, most clients don’t simply keep running over to Advance IT the following days and join with advance IT SEO courses! But they do, however, record it someplace or bookmark it. They go clicking far and wide various circumstances previously settling on an ultimate In the event that your site is utilizing choice SEO administrations, how frequently may that client go over your organization name while directing his pursuit? Imagine a scenario where your organization came up 3 of the 5 times they looked for that coveted item. Before you know it, they have navigated to your site.

Ideal Insight into your customers: On the off chance that your site is legitimately upgraded, it will expand your web crawler perceivability, ease of use, and believability, all of which increment activity to your webpage. Since you are appreciating higher quantities of guests, Google Analytics (which each site ought to have set up) can track profitable data about your guests. Discover what program they utilize, what watchwords, the innovation they utilize, their topographical area, the days and times they are most dynamic, how much time they spent on a page… endlessly. This data will enable you to find your objective market, sharpen you’re publicizing, and decide systems in view of actualities instead of simply instructed surmises. The better you know your clients, the better item or administration you can give, the higher the ROI.

At the end of this session, we can say that SEO is not anymore a possibility for organizations that need to be focused, develop, and see quantifiable profits. Yet, it is just a single bit of the Astound. On the off chance that your site does not contain the feasible substance, at that point regardless of how much cash or time you spend on SEO, it is squandered. The substance will dependably be the best. Be that as it may, when utilized as a part of conjunction with other essential advertising devices, SEO will give perceivability, activity, believability, marking and enable you to increase profitable knowledge into client conduct. Actually, It IS conceivable be on the primary page of Google. Business Marketing Engine can expel the barrier which is keeping you from sitting in one of those appreciated best 5 spots. Their SEO specialists can investigate your site and give a full report of where you stand, make suggestions, and execute them. Get took note. Get traffic. Get deals! Because it is the best way to raise your business through knocking on the people door by a click.

Outsourcing Training Opportunities in Bangladesh


‘Outsourcing Training opportunities’ in Bangladesh is nowadays entirely satisfactory. Through outsourcing jobs, Bangladesh is now getting known to the modern world. All classes, lower to higher educated people are becoming smarter by performing on this outsourcing stage through investing time and doing practical jobs. Many people are taking outsourcing jobs as their profession after obtaining proper training. Maximum Bangladeshi people of this profession are now capable of earning a very handsome amount which is sufficient for the national economy. It’s not too far when outsourcing jobs will be the breakthrough for Bangladesh.

What is outsourcing:

The root of ‘outsource’ is ‘outsourcing resource’ from the United States. Already it has been standard and modern business procedure which is enough cost effective. It means contract based work throughout abroad and internal area by the third party. Any business firm and company can let their jobs be done perfectly by hiring expert label of individual or company labor with a minimal expense whereas it would take an enormous consumption to complete a job by arranging their technology.

Outsourcing Training Opportunities in Bangladesh

What is Online Outsourcing?

‘Online outsourcing’ is nothing but outsourcing which is impossible without the internet. Here company or firm hires the third party via online. Most the interesting thing is, this job doesn’t require any location or any fixed time like job ours. Anyone after proving themselves perfect from any aspect of this world as the third party can do that job and can get an amount of money. Who are doing this online outsourcing are known as freelancers. In this era, enough expert freelancers on different stages are no more blue moon because of high profile trainers and training opportunities.

READ: আউটসোর্সিংয়ে সফলতা এবং কিছু প্রসঙ্গ

Benefits of learning outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing is an important part of Information Technology. It’s a matter of hope that Bangladesh has already gained the place of one of the best freelancing markets. The expert label of IT industries is up growing day by day. Almost 500+ IT companies are now running their business with individual domestic workers as well with international freelancers. Among top three, Bangladesh is one on Up work. Besides this leading management consulting firm AT Kearney Global has considered the Bangladesh as one of the best aspects of providing software and IT-related outsourcing jobs. BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) states that approximately 100000+ freelancers are stepping out throughout the world with a quality work profile. Bangladesh is occupying a stable and vigorous place on IT outsourcing stage. These IT outsourcing activities of Bangladesh will occur the revolution and that day is not so far. Hence, in present time proper learning of outsourcing in Bangladesh conveys enormous advantages for individuals and country as well. This is because in new future, it will be hard to keep pace with the indoor competitors whereas Bangladesh is going to keep pace with the most top leading countries of the world in IT sector.

It can be said for sure that women of Bangladesh are more benefitted because of the forwarding situation of online outsourcing jobs. They can manage their family and can contribute an imposing figure of money on household expenses without going outside. Therefore, they are not getting the face of gender and racial discrimination as well. They can sharp themselves according to the technology of era without stepping outside. As in outsourcing sector, there is no time limitation, after completing their family work whenever they wish can invest their talent to earn money by using the internet.

Why outsourcing training is essential:

If anyone wants to be a freelancer by him/herself, it would be not enough easier. But if anyone is keenly interested in being an established freelancer and tries to be that and gets a regular training on online outsourcing then he/she must reach to that goal. After starting a profession as a freelancer, many people stop their career being frustrated. It only happens due to lack of knowledge about online outsourcing jobs and standard procedures of these jobs. Anyone can choose online outsourcing jobs as a potential career. It is also a bitter truth that if someone selects this profession without being proper trained up, it must not be fruitful rather it would be disappointing enough.

Outsourcing Training Opportunities in Bangladesh:

As it has been a high demanding earning source so enough, excellent training opportunities are also being raised. In Dhaka, a huge number of private IT institutes are providing their courses based on online jobs. Even not only in Dhaka but also throughout the country there are many outsourcing training centers. This number is rising so fast. One of the best training centers of these outsourcing jobs in Dhaka is ‘Advance It Institute. ‘The The training method is overall fantastic with the latest technology. Anyone can madly love this teaching method and can achieve their accurate learnings. Advance It Institute also provides some scopes to build up a career as a freelancer who is interested in this profession. Advance IT Institute emphasizes on:

Lacking of outsourcing training in Bangladesh:

No doubt in Bangladesh, online outsourcing is a growing earning source nowadays. Many people are interested in introducing themselves as a freelancer.As a result; many of them look for a good training center based on online outsourcing to accomplish their wish. A group of people uses this burning mass desire negatively for their business purpose. A lot of individuals are getting admitted to different training centers and coming out with incomplete learnings, with a bunch of desperation as well. It results in many ‘to be’ freelancers,  they change their track from online outsourcing.


Everyone can do a job, but everyone cannot be successful on their job. As the outsourcing job is an opportunity for Bangladeshi people, everyone should utilize this chance after preparing themselves getting proper training to be successful individually. Opportunity never comes twice. So, selection of appropriate training center who really can value enthusiasm to expand the desire is the first step to being successful on outsourcing jobs sector in Bangladesh.

Article Credit: Dill Robiya Parvin Jui

How Important Are Backlinks for SEO

The term Backlink definitely has come across even if a person read out a single article on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For new users, you might get puzzled with the word. You might be even wondering – What Back Links are? Why they are in importance chapter? this writing is dedicated to the newcomers of the SEO world. Here I will try to give an idea of Back Links and also the importance of Back Links in SEO.

What are Backlinks?

These tiny little words are the core of your website, the outcome of it is not tiny, though. Backlinks are also known as Inbound Links which is the Hypertext Links directed to websites. This phenomenon is used to link back your page, that’s why they are called Backlinks of a website. In recent time, Backlinks have become so popular that they are counted as the main Building Blocks of a good SEO. For example, we can take the name GOOGLE. It gives credit to those websites which have a good number of relevant/quality backlinks and also considers those websites as relevant and important than other websites on their search page against a search query. Puzzled? Ok trying to give a practical example. Suppose if a webmaster has a website about how to take care of pet birds and receive a backlink from another website that is about Pet Birds, then it will be more relevant in the search engines (i.e. google) assessment. On the other hand, if is receives backlinks from a website which has a recipe and cooking methods then it will be considered as the poor site in the assessment. Search Engines wants websites with huge traffic but definitely naturally and over some span of time. Otherwise, it is very easy for people to create manipulated links and place the site in higher ranking.

How Important Are Backlinks for SEO
                             Source: seopressor

Exchanging backlinks with a good and Legitimate site is ok but the bad site can act reversely. Normally the following types of links are seen on a website:

  • One-way Inbound Links: It gives a site more importance and value to your website. These are links which have been picking to your site from others and guarantees a better search position.
  • Reciprocal Inward Links: It is not popular rather dangerous for a site these days. Search Engine Spiders don’t like them at all either. One bad contented and ranked site might try to upgrade itself and downgrade your site through this way.

If we try to classify backlinks, we will end up with mainly two types of Backlinks. They are as follows:

  1. DoFollow Backlinks
  2. NoFollow Backlinks

Dofollow BacklinksIn abbreviation term, Dofollow Backlinks are high-quality backlinks which comes from other valuable websites as the incoming basis with high page rank and domain authority. A single quality backlink is rated more than multiple numbers of invaluable links, the cause of this is websites build their reputation with lots of great content and hard work. If such site is added to your site, then the rank of your site will be upgraded and vice versa. So rather that junk up links it’s important to choose selectively. Dofollow links serve gives two types of benefits – it adds value to your website and gets potential traffic to the website.

Nofollow BacklinksGenerally, No Follow Backlinks refer to links which should not be followed, the opposite of Dofollow Backlinks. These types of Backlinks come from usually spam website or blogs and are made for the purpose of upgrading rank and link building. Most of those are not even niche related with your website rather provokes Search Engines to decrease your websites current rank.

Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

This question’s reply is from Matt Cutts Google Webmasters video :

Importance of Backlinks in SEO:
While talking too much about definitions, it’s also necessary to know the importance of Back-links. These Back-links or Inbound Links has become an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these days because the specific site gets indexed in Giant Search Engines (i.e. GOOGLE) if a website can have built valuable back-links for it.

Note that if backlinks are created in a legitimate way then they serve two very essential scrutinies’, those are:

Receives Inward link from a site which has good content and Content linked to the topic will give that specific website much better result. One more reason of why achieving backlinks are important in SEO is after you build a website you can’t just expect people to pile up their visit at your website. People will find out your website first and then can give a visit. The question is how will they find out your website? Simple answer through Backlinks. You have to attract and point out people towards your website through proper keywords, strong one way backlinks, etc.

Another backlink bombing trend has been found these days. Web-masters create multiple websites for their service. Sometimes all the sites are linked and sometimes not. If they link all the sites then they should be the careful cause, interlinking multiple numbers of websites on the same IP address might create a fishy effect towards people and the Search Engines as well. As a result, it could hurt the main goal which is referred as website bombing. In long run interlinking actually doesn’t create value that much. They just help to pile up traffic. But when the traffic realizes the whole thing then they start not to visit the site. Recently Google has started on a patent which will deal with the popularity sites and also will deal with the trustworthiness of a site that you link from your own site. This means you will get rid of adding bad Backlinks even if you want to. Cause then for adding irrelevant sites your one might be banned. Actually, this is very important to reduce the risk of having reciprocal or fake links.

Anchor Tests are also very important in building quality backlinks as well as in SEO. This is when a link incorporates a keyword into the hyper-links. For Example, your website is about baby toys. Then if you use “Baby Toys Contacts” for your hyperlinks then this unique Anchor texts will help you in finding your backlinks and will also help you to show what links are used to There are few more things which should be considered at the very beginning for building backlinks:

Firstly, which sites are linking back with your one or in other sense tracking the links. A helping tool regarding this issue is Domain Stats Tool. This tool displays the backlinks of a domain in Google, Yahoo, msn, etc.

This tool will also tell you some more details on your page as well. Like, your listing number in the Open Directory, how many traffic you are acquiring and how many pages are being indexed from your page, etc.

Try to enable a no. of quality Inbound Links into your page.

I think that’s enough of Importance of Backlinks in SEO. Now I will some up by saying if you want the expose of you site don’t bother you much just focus on Quality Backlinks. It is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I knowing the pros and cons it would be easier to welcome few quality Backlinks rather than the bundles of junks.

Content by: Samina Sorwar

Grow online income using content marketing

Recently, smart marketers have understood that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective and they have to look for a better way. Regardless of what type of marketing approach is used in your business, content marketing should be a part of your overall marketing technique, not something isolated. Now you should know how to Grow online income using content marketing and thus grow your business online.

Quality content is part of all forms of marketing. And content remains as one of the most vital parts of online marketing; though, methods are changing fast. In 2015, successful businesses will be the ones that comprehend the concept of content marketing, the dynamic shift in content marketing, and develop a plan that goes along with the new changes.

What is Content Marketing

In content marketing, the concentration is not necessarily on selling, but rather providing high-quality information and solutions to the people. So, to answer the question, what is content marketing strategy, we can say that it is simply the marketing strategy that is all about  the creation and sharing of information to the customers to perform some specific actions, such as to increase conversions, obtain links, encourage email sign-ups, better SEO ranking etc.

  • 82% Business to Consumer (B2C) marketers and 95% Business to Business (B2B) enterprise marketers use content marketing. 
  • Only 12% companies don’t include content in their marketing strategies. 
  • Though content marketing is proven to be powerful and effective, only 32% marketers believe they are using an effective strategy. 

what is content marketing

The last statistic is noticeable. It is alarming but also promising. It indicates that 2 out of 3 companies are not making the best use of their potential. Is your company also part of that group? If so, it’s time to wake up and integrate content marketing into your overall marketing strategy and increase your business returns.

Why is Content Marketing so important ?

Grow online income using content marketing

Nowadays, online marketing is impossible without great content. So, let’s see why content marketing is important in today’s online marketing:

  • SEO: There are certain parameters that search engines take into consideration for SERP rankings, and content has become an increasingly significant factor. Search engines prefer businesses that publish quality and unique content.
  • Social media marketing: Before doing social media marketing for your business, you have to consider content marketing. This is because socially shareable content from your blog will help to increase engagement and click through rates in the social media. As a result, your sales will also be enhanced.
  • PPC: For working with PPC, you will require quality content behind it.
  • Inbound marketing: Content is the key factor for driving inbound traffic and leads.

Content marketing is being used by several large marketing organizations in the world and also by small businesses around the globe. Why? Because it works.

How does it work?

For accomplishing a successful content marketing campaign, you have to first establish a goal. It means you have to have a solid content marketing plan and it is not possible without content marketing research and goal identification.

An ideal content marketing plan includes:

  • The type of the content
  • What the goal is for that specific type of content
  • Who are the audiences
  • How you are going to produce and promote the content
  • Where you will market it
  • When you are going to publish it

What types of content can be produced?

There are various types of content that can be produced. But it surely depends on the type of the company and the objective of the content marketing campaign.

Here are some of the types of content that can be produced:

Blog Posts

If you have a website then it will be wise to have a business blog. This will obviously add value, create brand awareness, generate traffic, help you to build up a link profile and strengthen your social media presence. In your blog, you can cover all types of topics related to your business and thus generate engagement with the readers.


An info-graphic is the presentation of key information, data or statistics in a visual form. One of the content marketing best practices is to include infographics in your contents. These are really very engaging and user-friendly.  Info-graphics should be informative and never be too text-heavy. The advantage of using info-graphics is that they offer a unique and sharable opportunity.  It has been observed that infographics get shared up to three times than other content in the social media. Nowadays infographics are getting more priority. Gifographics use the info-graphic model, but instead of the static images they use animated images.


There is a lot of variety in videos. A quality video sends a message in a concise but in a memorable way. After making the content marketing video you should put it on YouTube and Vimeo. These two video sharing sites are great sources for earning social signals. Videos should not be long. The length of a good video should be two or three minutes.


Memes are really amazing. They are hilarious, viral and easy to make. People love things that are funny and shareable. And the most important aspect of the memes is their humor.


Memes are the best type of content you can share on the social media sites like Stumbleupon, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit.


There are publishing platforms like SlideShare where users can share presentations with each other in a visual and an engaging way. Presentations can also be included in the blog posts.

User Guides and White papers

User-guides and White papers are really useful to understand and to get a thorough perception regarding a specific topic, product or service. Usually, User-guides or White-papers is downloadable content  that supports users to access informative content and to enrich their knowledge and experience. It increases the chances of repeat site visits which really adds value to getting content marketing effectiveness. These types of contents are written in a fairly long and detailed format.

For writing unique and informative User guides and Whitepapers require good writers, designers, and fabulous ideas. The writers need to produce content of top quality. The designers have to present the content in a smart and eye-catching way. The ideas should meet the needs of the audience.


Reviews can be written about products or services. By writing product reviews, you can establish your leadership and authority in your industry. Each industry has varieties of products and services. Engaging key developers or service providers, you can gain an appreciation and recognition. What you have to do is to write about your experience with the product or service and provide your recommendation.

You can also write reviews on books. Book reviews are helpful if you want to establish yourself as a thought leader. To write a book review, you have to include discussion about that book and add your opinion about it as well. Book reviews work best when you write about new or pre-releases or you can interview the author.

How to

One of the best content marketing ideas is to produce how-to contents.  How-to is one of the most popular types of content. How-to articles have the potential of long tail search like ‘How to’ or ‘How do I’.

Steps of writing How-to guides:

  • Introduce the problem
  • State the solution
  • Talk over each step of the solution
  • Summarize the discussion
  • Give a conclusion

Topics for writing ‘How-to’ articles are unlimited. These contents can be industry-specific or very general. You can enrich your ‘How-to’ articles by including videos, images and also diagrams.


For writing list articles you have to use the simple format:

  • Provide an introduction to the topic
  • List the points
  • Give a conclusion

The more detailed your list is, the better.  Long lists are also good.


Generally, e-book is a long content which is published in PDF format. These are available as a downloadable free product in exchange for joining an email list. Making an e-book helps to build up your authority within your industry. Producing a content marketing ebook is also a powerful way of sharing your knowledge with others.

While writing an e-book, the following things should be considered:

  • An e-book should be given a really good title. So, try to spend time on creating the best title for your e-book to gather more readers.
  • Designing matters a lot for an ebook. People consider those ebooks worth reading, which has good graphics, colors, and great formatting.
  • An ebook should have a PDF version and an HTML version both. In an HTML version, you can include video, audio, and other necessary resources.

Case Study

A case study describes the product or service of a company and how a client got benefited from it.

The following model is really helpful for writing a case study:

  • At first, write a summary of the study.
  • State the problems the client was facing.
  • Describe the challenges that you had to overcome while finding a solution to the problem.
  • Write about the solution of the problem that you provided.
  • Discuss the results of your solution and how it became successful.
  • Give a conclusion and also a call to action.

Remember that a content marketing case study should be written in such a way that it should not sound as pure marketing. A case study should be written as an inspiring success story.


Podcasts were popular in the past and still they are a great form of content. Podcasts are  audio content which is not hard to create. You will need a computer, a microphone, and the Internet. The advantage of the content marketing podcast is that using this format, it is possible to spread your message better than other formats. It’s really amazing to listen to music shows or radio-style talk on your i Pod or another MP3 player every day.  You can listen to pod-casts during your commute or exercise.

It’s always best to provide content with the podcast. On your blog, share information about the new podcast releases or publish the transcript of it. It will help to add value to your website’s SEO ranking.


Each industry or field has popular leaders. If you are capable of arranging an interview with a leader, you can earn respect from others in your industry.  An interview has the advantage that it has unique information and only you have this information. If your information is audio or video, provide an overview of the interview.

Research and Data

If you work in a data-intensive field, you can share your findings with the audience on your blog. We all know that numbers and metrics have a great value. Doing research is a hard work and people respect it. Sharing your research and data is really a powerful way to build trust, drive traffic and establish your authority in the industry.

How To Promote Your Content?

When you have produced the content, it’s time to promote it successfully. You can do this through content marketing channels such as owned, earned and paid media channels:

  • Owned Media

Owned media are the media that you already own. It may be an existing website or blog and all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc. You can also choose content publishing platforms such as SlideShare, Tumblr, and Visual.ly. For accomplishing content marketing on social media, it is vital to building up your community on these platforms.

  • Earned Media

This type of media needs additional activities to develop. For example, engaging with social communities and groups and joining industry specific groups. Proactive relationship building and outreaching to key influencers within the particular industry fall under earned media as well. The advantage of earned media is that it offers valuable exposure because of its unquestioned credibility and potential reach. Earned media is all about earning trust and acquiring commendation from relevant and reputable third parties.

  • Paid Media

You can also choose paid media channels for promoting the content. Native advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC), paid to advertise through social media, remarketing through Google Ad-wards and event sponsorship fall under the paid media category.

How To Measure The Success Of a Content Marketing Campaign?

A number of tools can be used to measure the effectiveness and success of a content marketing campaign. These are:

  • Google Analytics

Among the content marketing tools, Google Analytics is a powerful one. Statistics from Google Analytics help you to understand how content performs and conversions are generated. Success measures of Google Analytics include time on site, page views (organic, direct, referral), bounce rate, transactions, goal completions.

In Google Analytics, specific goals can be set up as well to measure the impact of an individual piece of content on driving a specific conversion. For example, how many contact form submissions have been done because of a piece of content.

  • Marketo

This tool is helpful to measure the success of different kinds of activities, for example, form submissions, an email campaign, and how content is shared. Marketo also supports to have a marketing insight.

  • Social media Insights

Social media metrics like engagement (number of re-tweets, shares, and likes), comments, reach, participation, and followers help to measure the performance and success of the content on social media platforms.

In brief, creating and sharing your expertise through content marketing is the new way to attract your ideal customers. The key to reaching content marketing goals is delivering value to the readers. Providing useful and engaging material is the best way to keep the readers happy and  get them to share the content with more people. And above all, this is the most effective way in which you can grow your online income with content marketing.

Online Outsourcing Progress in Bangladesh

Online Outsourcing:

Internet networking system spreads out all over the world very fast. Now we are very much dependent on the internet. We want to solve any of our daily life needs through the internet. We can’t imagine our daily life without the internet. Now we maintain our shopping, education, business, the job through the internet. Online outsourcing is an internet based business. It is an online based business which is contracted out the third party. A marketplace is needed for this online outsourcing. This is used for hiring an employee, job posting, bidding, paying and complete the whole process without any complications. Odesk, freelancer, e-lance, fiverr, peoples per hour are the popular online marketplace. There are different types of work have done here such as data entry, graphic design, web design, SEO, SMM, BlogSpot, article writing, video editing, event planning, translating, etc.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing is very much popular term for last three to four years in Bangladesh. Now IT sector of Bangladesh very much upgraded. Bangladesh is also moving fast with the world. Many IT engineer works with a software company in the world in different countries. There are many Bangladeshi people who work in the online marketplace. There is good demand in the online marketplace of Bangladeshi freelancers. The buyer is very much interested in our freelancer. According to BASIS Bangladesh earns 1crore per day from the online marketplace. Our Young generation prefers online outsourcing than any other job. The female of our country they are also interested in online outsourcing because it’s a hassle free job. In a word, we can say future trends of outsourcing in Bangladesh is very much brighter.

Possibility of Outsourcing Market in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is still an evolving, virgin market in the IT/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector and has tremendous potential, especially with competitive lower paying rates, higher supply of labor, also knowledge transfer for skilled workers with training and development is relatively cheaper. As it is still an untapped market in the BPO sector, we forecast not only to gain competitive advantage but also hope to achieve market leadership in the BPO sector here. Since Bangladeshi freelancers working quality are very good in these sectors, there is a better possibility of outsourcing in the online marketplace. And there is another plus point of Bangladesh is available population, they can be manpower of Bangladesh.

Online Outsourcing Progress in Bangladesh
Progress of Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Online Outsourcing Progress in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing business progressing in Bangladesh day by day, with the increasing facility of the internet. Internet facility expanded freelancing opportunities. The government takes necessary steps to progress this sector. Some criteria are discussed below:

  • Information Technology is no more a blessing in the 21st century. It is the way of progress. The peoples of our country are now living with IT and IT enabled services. IT skills are the service which saving our time and easing our life. The government takes necessary steps to improve IT sector, such as establishing a hi-tech park, training for everyone, compulsory IT education for secondary students, etc.
  • Bari Boshe Borolok is a project of Bangladesh government to empower women and to make them able to contribute in country’s national income through online outsourcing. Women of our country are mostly busy with household work. If they trained properly, they will contribute a huge amount to our country.
  • Freelance entrepreneurship in ICT: 500,000 freelancers in Bangladesh who have earned more than 20 million US $. The government has initiated necessary steps to increase of these freelancers and to create new freelancers.
  • Android applications demand in worldwide. The government organizes a project named National Mobile Phone Awareness Development & Capacity Building Program to utilize smartphone users. 2,347 students received training under this project in 62 districts. Mobile app training has taken place in every public and private university in Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Governments initiates’ different types of projects, training for developing outsourcing in Bangladesh. The government spends lots of money to increase internet facility. IT facility, Electricity facility. The government also takes necessary steps to train up young generation about outsourcing.
  • Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. Population doesn’t load for a country when it will be manpower. The government is trying to convert manpower this population. That’s why government starts work through over the country. They start from root level like as villages all districts and improves training facilities for the unemployment problem.

Obstacles of Progressing Freelancing In Bangladesh:

There are different types of obstacles of progressing freelancing in Bangladesh such as a low-speed internet, electricity problem, illiteracy, Government ignorance, improper training, lack knowledge about outsourcing, education system, payment facility, etc.

  • The internet is the main element for doing online outsourcing. Without the internet, we can not anything. We don’t get 100% support with our low-speed internet.
  • Illiteracy is the another obstacle of online outsources. A freelancer has to be educated and he has to better knowledge about English, Computer, and the Internet.
  • There is some training center those making fraud lines activity with local people, they take money, but don’t give proper training from basic knowledge.
  • There are many people they don’t know about freelancing or outsourcing. The government should organize different types of seminar or conferences’, advertising in a newspaper, telecasting program on TV channel to know about outsourcing of local people.
  • The payment system in Bangladesh is not good. There is no PayPal facility in our country. Confusion about payment peoples is not interested in work outsourcing.
  • Government ignorance is also a problem of outsourcing. Nowadays government takes the necessary steps for developing online outsourcing, but it is not enough for our population. The government should take immediate steps for developing this sector and invests in this sector.

Online outsourcing progress is very much important for Bangladesh because there is a huge possibility to work in the online marketplace. The government takes essential steps to improve this sector and trying to remove unemployment problem. There are some obstacles, we have to remove these problems immediately. Day by day there is progressing this sector in our country. If government and non-government, both are working together we will shine very fast, we will earn huge foreign exchange and we will be popular in the world in this sector.

Benefits of Learning Freelancing in Bangladesh

There are Benefits of learning Freelancing in Bangladesh, you can get if you train from a reputable company. When you train you learn from the professionals and it is easy to turn a small gig in a larger project. You can increase the percentage of the repeat client and you will learn about the best practice in freelancing. You may be able to create a team on your own. The content of the course teaches how to enjoy Life at online outsourcing by teaching how to do what you like, how to get rich quickly, how to work less but making more money, how to work on innovative and exciting work and how to turn the world into your office. With the training on the time by the side of online outsourcing, you will be able to know how to set up the time for your own, how to maximize your earning potential and how to build the business portfolio. You can learn about the outs and INS of the business and you can be empowered to earn more by working online. The Life next to online outsourcing is yours if you are a graduate but not able to get a job to use your skills, if you are educated but you are not allowed working or if you want to work on what you like most.

Benefits of Learning Freelancing in Bangladesh

The benefits of outsourcing
The Life at online outsourcing is the term that it is used commonly nowadays and it is found in many places from the corporate world and professional world. However, many people do not understand how to take advantage of it. There are many companies that choose to outsource their work because it can save them the trouble and it is cost efficient. There are many types of online outsourcing that people can benefit from and many companies choose to outsource many jobs instead of having to train their workers. The examples of the Categories of online outsourcing that you can get are web administrators: they are essential system architects and they are in charge of designing and materialization of the website for both the intranet and internet. They are the one in charge of the website architecture, testing of the website, forum moderation and content management installation software with server management. Other sorts of online outsourcing are the web developer, virtual assistance, link building and web content writing among others. Now individual financial development through Freelancing has become easy and you can do it by working in your home or working for yourself. However, few people are able to do this because they do not know what they have to do. Freelancing looks as if it is the best alternative to traditional work but not everyone is capable of doing this. To be able to achieve Personal Financial Improvement by Freelancing, you need to have good writing skills, research skills with self-marking and self-promotion research skills. It requires the person to be able to work smart but not always hard. You can always become a freelance writer if you have the skills to write the articles that can educate or persuade.

To be able to achieve the own economic step up via Freelancing will not take place overnight. You need to tell people about your craft, to build a solid reputation and to know how you can self-market yourself. Since working as a freelancer is competitive industry and it can take a while before you can make money, it is good if you keep your job until you are sure that you can make money through outsourcing. If you want to start Online Outsourcing as an occupation, you have to be aware that you cannot get jobs on the continuous basis since you will make money according to the jobs you get. To be able to pass through days when you do not have any job, you should be aware of the average money that you are able to make and plan accordingly. There are many places where you can get a job in the Online Outsourcing as a career and some are personal blog, social media outreach and job posting. There are many places where you can get job posting and you can apply for these positions. If you want to apply for writing freelancer job, you have to have with you ready articles and resumes. If you want to begin Online Outsourcing while a line of work, you can also try your luck on the social media to advertise your writing services on the media like Facebook, Twitter. You should follow the media firms that you wish to write for so that you can know when to reach out to them and to ask if they can offer you a position.

The benefits of learning how to freelance
The remuneration of erudition freelancing in Bangladesh is many since you will be able to learn new skills, innovation and to build the new relationship. When the freelancer writer learns from a professional, he will gain the right experience he needs without having to rely on the trial and error basis. For freelancing, the relationships are important and this is why people can help each other out. Learning teaches the freelancer about how they can encourage themselves to put beyond the limits. If you are interested in working online, then you can join in Online earning training in Bangladesh. You will be able to get IT skills needed to develop the right society and to earn money without the need to have a traditional job. The training has been developed in the way that you can get knowledge about the right tools that you can use within the freelancing world. After the Online earning training in Bangladesh, the students can choose to train others or to work online in a professional way. The Online earning training in Bangladesh helps the students to learn different subjects in relation to the internet working like professional web development, professional web designs, professional graphic designs, affiliate marketing and search optimization.

If you want to enjoy the reimbursement of getting knowledge freelancing in Bangladesh, then you should consider joining Advance IT Dhaka. It is the best training that you can find in Bangladesh and it has the best teachers. The aim of the trainers is to make sure that the students are capable of getting the online jobs and to keep them. The students who finish the training are assured of getting the job.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh

The functionality of outsourcing started from the 21st century in the United States. Outsourcing is a business process of contracting out with third-party. Outsourcing means an exchange of services and payment. Outsourcing is also a process of expanding business, budget flexibility and controls. India, Russia, Canada, UK, Pakistan is very popular in the outsourcing marketplace in the world. Bangladesh is in the 3rd position in the world in outsourcing. There is a bright future of outsourcing in Bangladesh. There are different types of outsourcing:

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Media process outsourcing
  • Engineering process outsourcing
  • Global outsourcing
  • Knowledge process outsourcing
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Online process outsourcing, etc.

Online Outsourcing:
Online outsourcing is online based outsourcing. Online outsourcing is a service which is done through the internet, and contracting out with third-party. It is also called freelancing or e-lancing. The advantages of online outsourcing are that we can do it in our home. We no need to go outside. oDesk, Elance, Vworker, Freelancer.com is well known freelancing sites. These all have a technical hiring process and their approach varies site to site. These sites pay their employee either contract rate or pay-per-hour.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh
Advance IT Outsourcing in Dhaka

Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh
The world is moving fast and Bangladesh is a developing country and also synchronizes with the world of information technology. Online outsourcing is an important sector of information technology. Online outsourcing has been increased in the last few years in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is very much popular in the world in this sector. Bangladesh has earned millions of dollars by online outsourcing. Clients in developed countries have preferred Bangladeshi freelancers. One Lac Bangladeshi works in the online marketplace, according to BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). Bangladeshi freelancers earning 1crore BDT per day. Online outsourcing influences our economic sector. For that reason incoming of foreign currency is increasing day by day. For last few years BASIS have been arranged an award on the basis of outsourcing. This award process is an important factor to motivate general, people in outsourcing. There is given below a chart about outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Outsourcing Ratings
Bangladesh Outsourcing Ratings

Importance of outsourcing for removing poverty and unemployment problem:
Bangladesh is a developing country, poverty and unemployment problem is our major problem. Our young generation mostly suffers for that. After completing their academic education do not get a suitable job. We have to minimize this poverty and unemployment problem by the action. Nelson Mandella says,” Poverty is not an accident, like slavery and apartheid, it is a man-made and can be removed by the action of human beings”. Online outsourcing is most important for removing poverty and unemployment problem. Now there are many people are interested in this sector for removing poverty and unemployment problem. Our large population can improve their condition by online outsourcing. Freelancing is not an unfamiliar term to Bangladeshi young people. They brought about a huge change in the freelancing sector. But some people can’t do it for the lacking of proper guidelines.

Developing career of women’s:
Women are the half portion of our total population and their largest part influences our economy. If we will make 50 lacs women for the freelancing sector, we can earn 1.5 crore dollar per day. As a result, we can earn a 500 crore dollar per year. Freelancing is a suitable source for developing the career in women’s. Online outsourcing is so much helpful for women. Women of our country very much habituated to household work and face some limitations to go out for doing a job. There are some common problem such as social differences, road safety, family support for the female unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Freelancing career is a great opportunity for women. They can do outsourcing very easily in staying house and support their family and also improved our countries economical condition.

Available online work in Bangladesh:
There are different types of works are coming in the freelancing marketplace in Bangladesh such as IT and programming, design, sales and marketing, admin support, internet marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Blog Building, etc. We know that from market strategy as Bangladeshi freelancers get more works from online earning marketplaces those who are more skilled. These are the main areas in which Bangladesh can earn huge amount of foreign currency by outsourcing.

Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh:
Before entering into the online marketplace, we have known about outsourcing training and have to prepare ourselves properly to overcome any circumstances. There are much outsourcing training centers in Bangladesh. But they all are not given satisfactory training. some are not dedicated to teaching people. They think only their own benefit and doing business commercially. General people allure by their attractive advertisement. For this reason, BASIS organized a press conference to create mass awareness which held on Sunday, 24th June 2012 about misleading of some companies in the named of online outsourcing training. After that, there are some people in our country who loves, wants to do something and wants to give an honorable position to their country in the world online marketplace. There is some training center which is dedicated to teaching the younger generation. The Advance IT Dhaka is one of them. It is a reliable training institute than another. You can learn from here all of the basic to advanced knowledge which you can implement your workplace. Training cost is comparatively lower than other institutions. Courses available in Advance IT Dhaka are Advanced Web Design & Fundamental Programming, Certified Advance Graphic Design, Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social Media Marketing (SMM) & Google Adsense, and Microsoft Office Program.

Bangladesh Government Supports:
Bangladesh Government doing work for developing this sector. Government increases internet facilities and they are trying to improve from the root level, such as village and union. The government invests in improving software and information technology based education and opens many information technology based institute to train up young generation. IT sector of Bangladesh takes the step to teach the younger generation and women about outsourcing at the level of the village. Bangladesh Government trains young generation under the project titled “ Learning and Earning” at the cost of TK 180 crore for developing skilled manpower in the field of outsourcing. In improving relation with outsourcing government takes a project for women. To promote outsourcing all over the country, Bangladesh Government has undertaken necessary steps.

Future Trends of Outsourcing in Bangladesh:
WiMax and 4G network access in Bangladesh through which connects Bangladesh all over the world. There is a style which gives us a glimpse of future trends. Bangladesh feels the major destination for outsourcing continuously. BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services), the apex body of Bangladesh IT software services (IT & BPO), BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council), BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity) are trying to improve the outsourcing sector. There is some information which helps us to know about the condition of outsourcing in Bangladesh:

  • The European Commission recently added Bangladesh as one of the ideal IT outsourcing sectors in the world.
  • oDesk corporation rate Dhaka is an ideal third city amongst international cities as an outsourcing destination.
  • Mr. Svend Olling said that Denmark very much appreciated by Bangladeshi freelancers and believes in the future trends and the prospect of IT sector in Bangladesh.
  • Denmark ambassador Einer H Jensen said that Bangladesh had a “good start” in recent times and it could be preferred destination for outsourcing I near future. (Source: New Age)

There are many advantages to outsourcing in Bangladesh:

    1. Competition and costing
    2. Geographical Benefits
    3. Real-Time Service
    4. On Time Delivery
    5. High Standard of Quality
    6. Available IT professionals
    7. Efficient Project Management
    8. Government Support
    9. Language Support
    10. Reliable Communication Facility
    11. Outsourcing Experience

That means we have a great opportunity to earn foreign exchange from this sector if the government should take the initiative and diplomatic steps.

Hindering of Outsourcing from Bangladesh:
Although we are improving this sector, we also face some problems. We can’t reach our goal for some limitations. These are education, communication, low-speed internet, high rate of internet service, electricity problem, improper training, unskilled employee. Education is the major hindering of outsourcing. Without proper training, no one can do outsourcing. Another important hindering of outsourcing is communication, without communication, we can not do any work. Above of all problems, there is an another problem which is payment problem. Freelancers feels insecure about payment. Sometimes clients do not give them as they promised. And there are no PayPal facilities in Bangladesh. We have to overcome this problem for doing online outsourcing.

Bangladeshi freelancers are very much preferred in the online marketplace. Foreigners are interested in our work. GARTNER Inc(www.gantner.com) world’s leading IT and research and consultancy company which publishes the top list outsourcing country every year. Bangladesh has been included in GERTNER top list. We have to proud of that. We can say that Bangladesh is more potential in outsourcing. There are some people who don’t get work because they are unskilled at it. As a result, they are being frustrated and going astray. There are many people they have no idea about online outsourcing. Our younger generations are suffering for this reason. We have to overcome this type of problem by telecasting programmed on TV channel and advertising in newspapers. The government should be alerted about it should be increased electricity and internet speed. We should take necessary steps in both Government and Non-Government way. After that, we can fulfill our targeted point and overcome our economic and unemployment problem.

How to Start Freelancing in Bangladesh

You cannot wake up one day and decide that you want to know How to start freelancing in Bangladesh. You have to keep your ideas straight and you have to be aware that it is a hard work. You cannot earn money by only clicking on the links and before you can earn money online, you have to decide on the type of the wok that you wish to do.

How to Start Freelancing in Bangladesh

Types of outsourcing jobs
There are many types of jobs you can do for your Outsourcing career in Bangladesh, and new ones are added on them on a daily basis. However, there are some jobs that are known to be mainstreaming for the online freelancing. The content writing is a non-technical job that you can work on. Writing is done on different topics and some can be about carpet cleaning or insurance. You will always be able to enjoy writing as an Outsourcing occupation in Bangladesh if you understand English. Writing itself is found in different areas like legal writing, copywriting and ghostwriting and there is a need to do the research before writing.

You can also start a good Outsourcing profession into Bangladesh by selling the products. This is can be done everywhere and it is important if a freelancer is capable of choosing the right products and also at the right time. Freelancer photographer can also sell their photos on some website. If you want to earn money by having your own website, you have to know that creating and maintaining a website is something challenging. It requires someone who has enough knowledge and investment in the domain and server. However, when someone has got the right strategy, he can start to earn money. There are some jobs that the freelancer needs to have enough training like working on the website designing or developing.

To be able to get a job of Freelancing Outsourcing in Bangladesh, you need to know the right place to look for them since these jobs are not advertised in the newspaper. Some websites like oDesk or freelancer, they have a good number of freelance work, you only need to register free of charge and you can browse the jobs that are posted there so that you can bid on the one you like most. If a freelancer wants to get more bids that the required ones, then he will have to pay money. Choose the job that you are comfortable with. When it comes to Freelance Outsourcing within Bangladesh, it is important to look for the job that the freelance worker likes most. If you want to learn How to work in the freelancing marketplace, you have to know that that writing needs you to do a research since it is important for anything you want to write. You have also to be ready to write on something you understand. It is easier to write on something that you understand and which is of interest for you.

There are many reasons why you can be interested in How to initiate freelancing in Bangladesh. You may be looking to work on your own, you may be looking to be creative, you may like or you may want to earn more money. However, this is not possible if you do not have the right skills for writing or computer skills if you waste money on fraud centers where you think that they are training you in Freelance online Outsourcing in Bangladesh or if you do not have enough understanding in English. When it comes to outsourcing, there are many places where you can make money. Writing is not the only way that you can make money online. For example, you are able to make money by uploading pictures on some websites. You can also make money if you start affiliate marketing.

If you wish that you can outsource but you do not understand WHAT IS OUTSOURCING? you have to know that it means outsourcing for the skills that you do not have with you. Out Sourcing is about going out to get the source for your needs. Now many businesses like to outsource many things which they need in order to serve the customers both externally and internally. Outsourcing started with the large company and there are many advantages that are offered by outsourcing. Outsourcing may also help the company to keep the cash at hand while freeing the resource to do other things.

A freelancer is a person who knows How to work in the freelancing marketplace he can work for many employers over many years. The freelancer sells her service to a higher bidder but sometimes they may also work for more than one employer. Freelancer can work on full time or part time.

If you want to know about WHAT IS FREELANCING? You should know that it is the easiest and fastest way that you can start to work without having to invest too much. There are many marketplaces where the employers can post their work while the freelancers may bid on them. Since the marketplace is the open market, then it means that it is also competitive. The first step to learning How to begin freelancing inside Bangladesh, it is to know where you can get a freelancing job. There are many virtual products that are getting outsourced now and the goal for this is saving the cost that they would have spent on them. Outsourcing can take place between individuals or companies. The following are some of the Most Popular Freelance Outsourcing Marketplace sites that you can try out. You can find a number of the freelancer jobs from Freelancer.com. You can find a job for writers, graphic designers, and web designers. Upwork is a company where you can find expert researchers, marketers, writers, designers, and programmers. Odesk.com is a marketplace for medium and small sized business to hire and to manage individuals or teams of the freelancer. Guru.com is the website where you can find writers, web developers, and freelancer writers.

If you want to know How to start freelancing in Bangladesh, you have to start by registering yourself at any website you like and learn about the rates of the website. You can bid on different types of project, with fixed price or on an hourly project.

Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka BD

In few years profession in outsourcing came to be popular in both women and men in Bangladesh. This is why many people are interested in the Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka like Advance IT Dhaka. They want to learn more about freelancing and how they can make more money. There are many centers that came out to help people who want to get more knowledge in freelancing. However, it is good to learn if you are using the best Outsourcing Training center in Bangladesh since some centers can only sweet talk you and they show big dreams to the beginner but they end up cheating them out of their money.

Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka BD

It is better to learn how to outsource online
Many people think that it is easy to make money online through online but making money online had never been easy. You have to get knowledge from Online Outsourcing teaching institute in BD and to work more. The true is that it is easy to make money and to get many opportunities when you apply online. Some of the subjects that you can be trained about when you join the Outsourcing guidance inside in Dhaka is implementing of Google Adsense within your website, affiliate marketing, and blogging. However, even if you may learn about the options of earning money online, you will also have to know the right way that you can use to earn money through the Online Earning Training in Dhaka. Outsourcing is the right way that you can get money while sitting in the home and it is an open source employment for the person who knows how to work. Since there are not that many job opportunities, it is good if you try out the online job. All people can join in outsourcing since it is not meant for only young people. Old people can also outsource as young people do. The Online Earning Training in Dhaka is a hot topic in many people of Bangladesh since they want to know how to earn money working online. Even if people want to earn money online, they do not understand how they can work online. Training centers like Advance IT Dhaka teach people how they can use the opportunity they have to help people to work online. Some of the places where people make money online include PeoplePer Hour, Elance, Freelancer, and Odesk. Even if you can find many centers that proclaim to be the best when it comes to the Outsourcing training in Dhaka, you have to make sure that you have chosen the best center. You can decide about the center based on the reputation, live support and high-quality service offered. Even when you finish, the Outsourcing training in Dhaka center should offer the follow-up support to ensure you maximize the opportunity you get as on online worker. There are many fast growing centers for Outsourcing training in Dhaka and in addition to the training, they also help to get the jobs. It is a good opportunity to earn from home because they only need to have a computer with internet connection and they are ready to start to work. After training the Outsourcing Training Center in BD will also help you to get the job. You can work online through bidding system and through no bidding system.

The information that you can learn about from the Freelancing training centers
The Freelancing Training Center in Dhaka will teach you how to work on the marketplace that uses the bidding system. To get this job, you need to have a good knowledge of English and great working skills. This is because the marketplace is competitive and you have to challenge other workers on freelancer. If you do not have good skills or knowledge, it is hard to get money in this job. You can learn also from Freelancing Training Center in Dhaka Bangladesh how to make money by using a non-bid system. There is also an opportunity to get money from affiliate marketing and AdSense. The Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka is under the people who have enough knowledge in the freelancing and they may have worked with it for a long period. They can offer both off line or online training for the people who want to become online workers. They offer courses that are guaranteed and effective. The people who want to attend may come from all age levels and the Freelancing Training Center offers different courses to the beginner who want to join in the market place and to start earning money or experienced freelancer who want to earn more while working as a freelancer. The training center combines the training with the computer training to help people to be able to do better in their online work. The online training is the best option for the people who do not have enough time to attend the traditional classes.

The best part of working online is that you do not need to invest money. You can start to work anytime you want and you can make enough money. The Internet has many opportunities for the people who want to make money but there are also fraudulent websites. This is why the training helps people to know how to make enough money. In the training, you will be able to know the type of the jobs that you can apply on, how to collect information online and how to use the current technology to optimize your work. You can join in any type of the job you want like social media marketing, search engine optimization , writing the item number, software testing, software development, programming, web development, logo design, graphic design, web design, software development, data collection, accession date and office organization.

If you are looking for a training center, then you have to know that Advance IT Dhaka is one of the Best Outsourcing Training Center in Dhaka BD you can find since it is run by the professional who are experienced on the outsourcing marketplace. They teach in different areas like Email Marketing, Affiliate Internet Marketing, web design or development, WordPress design and development, Reputation management and much more. This is why the center is highly recommended for the people who want to earn online.