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The scope of Graphic Designing as a career
Or do you want to earn more by working in the online marketplace? Whenever you get time, do you like to work with the pictures of trees, birds, flowers, fruits, countryside or someone’s name or photo using computer paint tools, Photoshop or Illustrator? Then take some time to think and start your career in Graphic Design. The profession of Graphic Design is safer and hassle-free than any other business. The reason for saying so is, in contrast to other professions, there is no lack of jobs in Graphic Design. Moreover, it’s a prestigious occupation.

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Working fields of a graphic designer:

Where is a graphic designer not needed? Take a look at the places of his presence:

Interactive Media: Can you say who makes the interesting and funny cartoons, or animations that we watch on television or different websites? A graphic designer! He makes the comic or animated characters based on the story, characters, and his needs. After that these characters are made lively using a variety of software. Different types of sounds, music and effects are added to it. With the increased use of the internet, the field of interactive media has also become more expanded, and the graphic designers are getting more scope to work in this field.

Brand Design: A graphic designer has to create all the designs that are needed for the promotional activities of a brand. In this case, he has to work with the issues like selection of colors, specific color scheme development, making of mascot and corporate identity designing based on the targeted audience of the brand and type of the activities and the name of the organization. Moreover, a brand designer also makes all kinds of designs for the promotional activities of that company. At present, from medium to large organizations, everywhere there are demands for brand designers. Nowadays recruiting dedicated brand designers is becoming a part of the corporate culture too. Therefore, working opportunities are increasing in this sector.

Logo design: Logo is the identity of an organization. Customers can recognize an organization by its logo. A company’s logo plays the most prominent role in establishing the brand name of that company. Therefore, a company invests a significant portion of the brand optimization budget in making its logo. For this reason, as a logo designer, it’s possible to earn a considerable amount of money from each project. Besides making logos for new organizations, there are also many jobs of logo re-designing for old organizations. Many organizations design separate logos for their products as well as creating logos for their organizations. Here the values of the projects are also high. And as there are billions of organizations worldwide and every day lots of news organizations are starting their journeys, jobs of logo designing are increasing too.

Marketing brochure: You may have seen that every organization makes pamphlets for their promotions. As advertisements are very much useful in the marketing of the products or services, organizations invest a significant amount of money in this sector. The more beautifully they can design their marketing brochures, it becomes much easier for them to attract the attention of the customers. This is why these organizations want to have these types of designs made by good quality graphic designers and the value of these projects become more. As product promotion culture is growing worldwide, the field of marketing-brochure designing is also widening up.

Website design: One of the most significant working fields of a graphic designer in the area of website design. Whether it is the local market or online marketplace, amount of web design work is continually increasing. So by doing the job of website designing, you can take your graphic design profession forward to achieve a specific goal.

Mobile application design: By the year 2015, the mobile application market will be worth 100 billion dollars. There will be a considerable amount of demand for building applications. Can you guess, who will make the designs of these applications? Graphic designers!

One application has two main parts – design and development. That means half of this massive market is under the control of the graphic designers! Is there anything more to say about the working field of mobile application designing?

Magazine: There are many opportunities for showing creativity in the magazines that are published online and in the printed form. From the designing of the cover page to the last page, everywhere there must be the touches of a graphic designer. Moreover, a graphic designer has to make advertisement creative, think about the ways of making designs to ensure reading comforts of the readers and sometimes has to change plans accordingly. That’s why there are lots of scope for the graphic designers for working on the magazines.

Corporate reports: The reports or presentations that the corporations prepare are always lovely and creative. Though the contents of the stories come from other departments of the organization, design of the submission of the report is done by a graphic designer. A graphic designer can earn a considerable amount by making corporate statements of the company.

Newspapers: Newspapers without graphic designers! Not possible at all. Only a graphic designer can make a paper into a readable one! In this field, the Graphic Design profession gets more honor.

You can be a design entrepreneur!

There are some sites where you can sell design templates. Suppose, you want to sell a file of a business card that you have designed. If you place the design of the card online, buyers will like it and buy it. And thus you can earn money at a specified rate by selling out the same model over again. According to graphicriver average, each design is sold 120 to 150 times. So, if a design is sold at the rate of $15, total sales amount becomes $1,800 to $2,700. In some cases, it has also happened that a designer has earned $5,000 to $7,000 by selling a single design. Forgetting a bright idea about the sale, you can visit the site

The exciting thing is that on this site you will also be able to sell many small designs. You can make necessary graphics for creating websites like buttons, banners, different types of tables, background, etc. Besides designing different shapes, logos, and cards, you can also make many more other designs. On this site, you have to submit excellent quality designs. If these designs are standard, unique and liked by the authority, only then they’ll open those designs for sale. If the designs can pass the verification phase, the administration will fix the rate of those. For each design, it can be from $1 to $10. At first, 40% of the money will be given to the designer; gradually it can be up to 70%. You can also sell designs at the site, but you have to win at least one contest.

Outsourcing or Freelancing: You can build up a portfolio site, and if you can do the marketing correctly, then it’s possible to get lots of jobs. Many such Bangladeshi designers have worked for specific buyers at oDesk, 99design, Fiverr or other marketplaces and the buyers have appointed them permanently in their firms. Moreover, you can submit some of your designs on some designing related sites and can increase the number of your contacts. In this way, chances of getting jobs will be maximized, and you will be able to make yourself known as a first-rate designer.

The educational requirement for being a graphic designer:
To be a graphic designer, an educational element is not the most crucial matter. However, the corporations want designers with a Diploma from graphic institutes or a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. But degrees don’t matter if you know how to do your work and possess the quality of creativity inside you. For example, though I’m an Economist, now my profession is Graphic Design, but for this, I didn’t have to study Fine Arts or Graphic Design.

To be efficient in Graphic Design:

  1. Need to know the use of graphics and design related computer software. For example, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Need to improve the expertise, creative vision and communication skills.
  3. To get a job in a higher post in a reputed organization, it’s better to have a Graphic Design related degree.
  4. Need to have up-to-date knowledge about the latest news of the Graphic Design industry.
  5. Need to make a good portfolio through which you can represent your professional proficiency.

Income of a graphic designer:
How much can be the monthly income of a graphic designer? According to the international organization ‘Designer Salaries,’ who work with the salary related issues of the designers, a graphic designer can earn $100,000 or about 80 lakh taka yearly. In Bangladesh, the monthly salary of a graphic designer with a Diploma degree is 20-30 thousand taka. However, the monthly salary of a designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts can be about 40 thousand takas to 2-3 lakh taka. [Source: BDjobs]

Furthermore, by designing a logo for the online marketplace, your earnings can be from $50 – $2,000. But in the case of large firms, it can be $5,000 – $10,000. You can get $50 – $3,000 by designing the first page of a website. It’s possible to get $200 – $5,000 by making the complete design of a website. The projects of brand optimization and brochure making can be worth $300 – $5,000. As a freelancer, an efficient graphic designer can earn 1-1.5 lakh taka.

From where will you take the training?
To take Graphics Design as a profession, it’s necessary to receive a training from a good quality organization. Advance IT Dhaka, one of the pioneer institutes of Bangladesh in technology and skills development training arena, can be your first choice! We have arranged a three-month extended ‘Professional Graphic Design Training’ to turn you into a super skilled graphic designer.

What are the topics you have to learn?

To understand the current market demands, a designer needs to have the necessary knowledge and use of the software. In this three-month long course, you will be introduced to core graphic design, typography, use of the graphic design software & tools and the concept of market-trend. You will also be given theoretical and practical training on all the necessary topics for working in the online marketplaces. There are chances for working with Advance IT Dhaka as well as getting internships and lifetime support.