How Important Are Backlinks for SEO

The term Backlink definitely has come across even if a person read out a single article on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For new users, you might get puzzled with the word. You might be even wondering – What Back Links are? Why they are in importance chapter? this writing is dedicated to the newcomers of the SEO world. Here I will try to give an idea of Back Links and also the importance of Back Links in SEO.

What are Backlinks?

These tiny little words are the core of your website, the outcome of it is not tiny, though. Backlinks are also known as Inbound Links which is the Hypertext Links directed to websites. This phenomenon is used to link back your page, that’s why they are called Backlinks of a website. In recent time, Backlinks have become so popular that they are counted as the main Building Blocks of a good SEO. For example, we can take the name GOOGLE. It gives credit to those websites which have a good number of relevant/quality backlinks and also considers those websites as relevant and important than other websites on their search page against a search query. Puzzled? Ok trying to give a practical example. Suppose if a webmaster has a website about how to take care of pet birds and receive a backlink from another website that is about Pet Birds, then it will be more relevant in the search engines (i.e. google) assessment. On the other hand, if is receives backlinks from a website which has a recipe and cooking methods then it will be considered as the poor site in the assessment. Search Engines wants websites with huge traffic but definitely naturally and over some span of time. Otherwise, it is very easy for people to create manipulated links and place the site in higher ranking.

How Important Are Backlinks for SEO
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Exchanging backlinks with a good and Legitimate site is ok but the bad site can act reversely. Normally the following types of links are seen on a website:

  • One-way Inbound Links: It gives a site more importance and value to your website. These are links which have been picking to your site from others and guarantees a better search position.
  • Reciprocal Inward Links: It is not popular rather dangerous for a site these days. Search Engine Spiders don’t like them at all either. One bad contented and ranked site might try to upgrade itself and downgrade your site through this way.

If we try to classify backlinks, we will end up with mainly two types of Backlinks. They are as follows:

  1. DoFollow Backlinks
  2. NoFollow Backlinks

Dofollow BacklinksIn abbreviation term, Dofollow Backlinks are high-quality backlinks which comes from other valuable websites as the incoming basis with high page rank and domain authority. A single quality backlink is rated more than multiple numbers of invaluable links, the cause of this is websites build their reputation with lots of great content and hard work. If such site is added to your site, then the rank of your site will be upgraded and vice versa. So rather that junk up links it’s important to choose selectively. Dofollow links serve gives two types of benefits – it adds value to your website and gets potential traffic to the website.

Nofollow BacklinksGenerally, No Follow Backlinks refer to links which should not be followed, the opposite of Dofollow Backlinks. These types of Backlinks come from usually spam website or blogs and are made for the purpose of upgrading rank and link building. Most of those are not even niche related with your website rather provokes Search Engines to decrease your websites current rank.

Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

This question’s reply is from Matt Cutts Google Webmasters video :

Importance of Backlinks in SEO:
While talking too much about definitions, it’s also necessary to know the importance of Back-links. These Back-links or Inbound Links has become an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these days because the specific site gets indexed in Giant Search Engines (i.e. GOOGLE) if a website can have built valuable back-links for it.

Note that if backlinks are created in a legitimate way then they serve two very essential scrutinies’, those are:

Receives Inward link from a site which has good content and Content linked to the topic will give that specific website much better result. One more reason of why achieving backlinks are important in SEO is after you build a website you can’t just expect people to pile up their visit at your website. People will find out your website first and then can give a visit. The question is how will they find out your website? Simple answer through Backlinks. You have to attract and point out people towards your website through proper keywords, strong one way backlinks, etc.

Another backlink bombing trend has been found these days. Web-masters create multiple websites for their service. Sometimes all the sites are linked and sometimes not. If they link all the sites then they should be the careful cause, interlinking multiple numbers of websites on the same IP address might create a fishy effect towards people and the Search Engines as well. As a result, it could hurt the main goal which is referred as website bombing. In long run interlinking actually doesn’t create value that much. They just help to pile up traffic. But when the traffic realizes the whole thing then they start not to visit the site. Recently Google has started on a patent which will deal with the popularity sites and also will deal with the trustworthiness of a site that you link from your own site. This means you will get rid of adding bad Backlinks even if you want to. Cause then for adding irrelevant sites your one might be banned. Actually, this is very important to reduce the risk of having reciprocal or fake links.

Anchor Tests are also very important in building quality backlinks as well as in SEO. This is when a link incorporates a keyword into the hyper-links. For Example, your website is about baby toys. Then if you use “Baby Toys Contacts” for your hyperlinks then this unique Anchor texts will help you in finding your backlinks and will also help you to show what links are used to There are few more things which should be considered at the very beginning for building backlinks:

Firstly, which sites are linking back with your one or in other sense tracking the links. A helping tool regarding this issue is Domain Stats Tool. This tool displays the backlinks of a domain in Google, Yahoo, msn, etc.

This tool will also tell you some more details on your page as well. Like, your listing number in the Open Directory, how many traffic you are acquiring and how many pages are being indexed from your page, etc.

Try to enable a no. of quality Inbound Links into your page.

I think that’s enough of Importance of Backlinks in SEO. Now I will some up by saying if you want the expose of you site don’t bother you much just focus on Quality Backlinks. It is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I knowing the pros and cons it would be easier to welcome few quality Backlinks rather than the bundles of junks.

Content by: Samina Sorwar