Online Outsourcing Progress in Bangladesh

Online Outsourcing:

Internet networking system spreads out all over the world very fast. Now we are very much dependent on the internet. We want to solve any of our daily life needs through the internet. We can’t imagine our daily life without the internet. Now we maintain our shopping, education, business, the job through the internet. Online outsourcing is an internet based business. It is an online based business which is contracted out the third party. A marketplace is needed for this online outsourcing. This is used for hiring an employee, job posting, bidding, paying and complete the whole process without any complications. Odesk, freelancer, e-lance, fiverr, peoples per hour are the popular online marketplace. There are different types of work have done here such as data entry, graphic design, web design, SEO, SMM, BlogSpot, article writing, video editing, event planning, translating, etc.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing is very much popular term for last three to four years in Bangladesh. Now IT sector of Bangladesh very much upgraded. Bangladesh is also moving fast with the world. Many IT engineer works with a software company in the world in different countries. There are many Bangladeshi people who work in the online marketplace. There is good demand in the online marketplace of Bangladeshi freelancers. The buyer is very much interested in our freelancer. According to BASIS Bangladesh earns 1crore per day from the online marketplace. Our Young generation prefers online outsourcing than any other job. The female of our country they are also interested in online outsourcing because it’s a hassle free job. In a word, we can say future trends of outsourcing in Bangladesh is very much brighter.

Possibility of Outsourcing Market in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is still an evolving, virgin market in the IT/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector and has tremendous potential, especially with competitive lower paying rates, higher supply of labor, also knowledge transfer for skilled workers with training and development is relatively cheaper. As it is still an untapped market in the BPO sector, we forecast not only to gain competitive advantage but also hope to achieve market leadership in the BPO sector here. Since Bangladeshi freelancers working quality are very good in these sectors, there is a better possibility of outsourcing in the online marketplace. And there is another plus point of Bangladesh is available population, they can be manpower of Bangladesh.

Online Outsourcing Progress in Bangladesh
Progress of Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh

Online Outsourcing Progress in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing business progressing in Bangladesh day by day, with the increasing facility of the internet. Internet facility expanded freelancing opportunities. The government takes necessary steps to progress this sector. Some criteria are discussed below:

  • Information Technology is no more a blessing in the 21st century. It is the way of progress. The peoples of our country are now living with IT and IT enabled services. IT skills are the service which saving our time and easing our life. The government takes necessary steps to improve IT sector, such as establishing a hi-tech park, training for everyone, compulsory IT education for secondary students, etc.
  • Bari Boshe Borolok is a project of Bangladesh government to empower women and to make them able to contribute in country’s national income through online outsourcing. Women of our country are mostly busy with household work. If they trained properly, they will contribute a huge amount to our country.
  • Freelance entrepreneurship in ICT: 500,000 freelancers in Bangladesh who have earned more than 20 million US $. The government has initiated necessary steps to increase of these freelancers and to create new freelancers.
  • Android applications demand in worldwide. The government organizes a project named National Mobile Phone Awareness Development & Capacity Building Program to utilize smartphone users. 2,347 students received training under this project in 62 districts. Mobile app training has taken place in every public and private university in Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh Governments initiates’ different types of projects, training for developing outsourcing in Bangladesh. The government spends lots of money to increase internet facility. IT facility, Electricity facility. The government also takes necessary steps to train up young generation about outsourcing.
  • Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. Population doesn’t load for a country when it will be manpower. The government is trying to convert manpower this population. That’s why government starts work through over the country. They start from root level like as villages all districts and improves training facilities for the unemployment problem.

Obstacles of Progressing Freelancing In Bangladesh:

There are different types of obstacles of progressing freelancing in Bangladesh such as a low-speed internet, electricity problem, illiteracy, Government ignorance, improper training, lack knowledge about outsourcing, education system, payment facility, etc.

  • The internet is the main element for doing online outsourcing. Without the internet, we can not anything. We don’t get 100% support with our low-speed internet.
  • Illiteracy is the another obstacle of online outsources. A freelancer has to be educated and he has to better knowledge about English, Computer, and the Internet.
  • There is some training center those making fraud lines activity with local people, they take money, but don’t give proper training from basic knowledge.
  • There are many people they don’t know about freelancing or outsourcing. The government should organize different types of seminar or conferences’, advertising in a newspaper, telecasting program on TV channel to know about outsourcing of local people.
  • The payment system in Bangladesh is not good. There is no PayPal facility in our country. Confusion about payment peoples is not interested in work outsourcing.
  • Government ignorance is also a problem of outsourcing. Nowadays government takes the necessary steps for developing online outsourcing, but it is not enough for our population. The government should take immediate steps for developing this sector and invests in this sector.

Online outsourcing progress is very much important for Bangladesh because there is a huge possibility to work in the online marketplace. The government takes essential steps to improve this sector and trying to remove unemployment problem. There are some obstacles, we have to remove these problems immediately. Day by day there is progressing this sector in our country. If government and non-government, both are working together we will shine very fast, we will earn huge foreign exchange and we will be popular in the world in this sector.