Outsourcing in Bangladesh

The functionality of outsourcing started from the 21st century in the United States. Outsourcing is a business process of contracting out with third-party. Outsourcing means an exchange of services and payment. Outsourcing is also a process of expanding business, budget flexibility and controls. India, Russia, Canada, UK, Pakistan is very popular in the outsourcing marketplace in the world. Bangladesh is in the 3rd position in the world in outsourcing. There is a bright future of outsourcing in Bangladesh. There are different types of outsourcing:

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Media process outsourcing
  • Engineering process outsourcing
  • Global outsourcing
  • Knowledge process outsourcing
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Online process outsourcing, etc.

Online Outsourcing:
Online outsourcing is online based outsourcing. Online outsourcing is a service which is done through the internet, and contracting out with third-party. It is also called freelancing or e-lancing. The advantages of online outsourcing are that we can do it in our home. We no need to go outside. oDesk, Elance, Vworker, Freelancer.com is well known freelancing sites. These all have a technical hiring process and their approach varies site to site. These sites pay their employee either contract rate or pay-per-hour.

Outsourcing in Bangladesh
Advance IT Outsourcing in Dhaka

Online Outsourcing in Bangladesh
The world is moving fast and Bangladesh is a developing country and also synchronizes with the world of information technology. Online outsourcing is an important sector of information technology. Online outsourcing has been increased in the last few years in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is very much popular in the world in this sector. Bangladesh has earned millions of dollars by online outsourcing. Clients in developed countries have preferred Bangladeshi freelancers. One Lac Bangladeshi works in the online marketplace, according to BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). Bangladeshi freelancers earning 1crore BDT per day. Online outsourcing influences our economic sector. For that reason incoming of foreign currency is increasing day by day. For last few years BASIS have been arranged an award on the basis of outsourcing. This award process is an important factor to motivate general, people in outsourcing. There is given below a chart about outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Outsourcing Ratings
Bangladesh Outsourcing Ratings

Importance of outsourcing for removing poverty and unemployment problem:
Bangladesh is a developing country, poverty and unemployment problem is our major problem. Our young generation mostly suffers for that. After completing their academic education do not get a suitable job. We have to minimize this poverty and unemployment problem by the action. Nelson Mandella says,” Poverty is not an accident, like slavery and apartheid, it is a man-made and can be removed by the action of human beings”. Online outsourcing is most important for removing poverty and unemployment problem. Now there are many people are interested in this sector for removing poverty and unemployment problem. Our large population can improve their condition by online outsourcing. Freelancing is not an unfamiliar term to Bangladeshi young people. They brought about a huge change in the freelancing sector. But some people can’t do it for the lacking of proper guidelines.

Developing career of women’s:
Women are the half portion of our total population and their largest part influences our economy. If we will make 50 lacs women for the freelancing sector, we can earn 1.5 crore dollar per day. As a result, we can earn a 500 crore dollar per year. Freelancing is a suitable source for developing the career in women’s. Online outsourcing is so much helpful for women. Women of our country very much habituated to household work and face some limitations to go out for doing a job. There are some common problem such as social differences, road safety, family support for the female unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Freelancing career is a great opportunity for women. They can do outsourcing very easily in staying house and support their family and also improved our countries economical condition.

Available online work in Bangladesh:
There are different types of works are coming in the freelancing marketplace in Bangladesh such as IT and programming, design, sales and marketing, admin support, internet marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Blog Building, etc. We know that from market strategy as Bangladeshi freelancers get more works from online earning marketplaces those who are more skilled. These are the main areas in which Bangladesh can earn huge amount of foreign currency by outsourcing.

Outsourcing Training in Bangladesh:
Before entering into the online marketplace, we have known about outsourcing training and have to prepare ourselves properly to overcome any circumstances. There are much outsourcing training centers in Bangladesh. But they all are not given satisfactory training. some are not dedicated to teaching people. They think only their own benefit and doing business commercially. General people allure by their attractive advertisement. For this reason, BASIS organized a press conference to create mass awareness which held on Sunday, 24th June 2012 about misleading of some companies in the named of online outsourcing training. After that, there are some people in our country who loves, wants to do something and wants to give an honorable position to their country in the world online marketplace. There is some training center which is dedicated to teaching the younger generation. The Advance IT Dhaka is one of them. It is a reliable training institute than another. You can learn from here all of the basic to advanced knowledge which you can implement your workplace. Training cost is comparatively lower than other institutions. Courses available in Advance IT Dhaka are Advanced Web Design & Fundamental Programming, Certified Advance Graphic Design, Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social Media Marketing (SMM) & Google Adsense, and Microsoft Office Program.

Bangladesh Government Supports:
Bangladesh Government doing work for developing this sector. Government increases internet facilities and they are trying to improve from the root level, such as village and union. The government invests in improving software and information technology based education and opens many information technology based institute to train up young generation. IT sector of Bangladesh takes the step to teach the younger generation and women about outsourcing at the level of the village. Bangladesh Government trains young generation under the project titled “ Learning and Earning” at the cost of TK 180 crore for developing skilled manpower in the field of outsourcing. In improving relation with outsourcing government takes a project for women. To promote outsourcing all over the country, Bangladesh Government has undertaken necessary steps.

Future Trends of Outsourcing in Bangladesh:
WiMax and 4G network access in Bangladesh through which connects Bangladesh all over the world. There is a style which gives us a glimpse of future trends. Bangladesh feels the major destination for outsourcing continuously. BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services), the apex body of Bangladesh IT software services (IT & BPO), BCC (Bangladesh Computer Council), BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity) are trying to improve the outsourcing sector. There is some information which helps us to know about the condition of outsourcing in Bangladesh:

  • The European Commission recently added Bangladesh as one of the ideal IT outsourcing sectors in the world.
  • oDesk corporation rate Dhaka is an ideal third city amongst international cities as an outsourcing destination.
  • Mr. Svend Olling said that Denmark very much appreciated by Bangladeshi freelancers and believes in the future trends and the prospect of IT sector in Bangladesh.
  • Denmark ambassador Einer H Jensen said that Bangladesh had a “good start” in recent times and it could be preferred destination for outsourcing I near future. (Source: New Age)

There are many advantages to outsourcing in Bangladesh:

    1. Competition and costing
    2. Geographical Benefits
    3. Real-Time Service
    4. On Time Delivery
    5. High Standard of Quality
    6. Available IT professionals
    7. Efficient Project Management
    8. Government Support
    9. Language Support
    10. Reliable Communication Facility
    11. Outsourcing Experience

That means we have a great opportunity to earn foreign exchange from this sector if the government should take the initiative and diplomatic steps.

Hindering of Outsourcing from Bangladesh:
Although we are improving this sector, we also face some problems. We can’t reach our goal for some limitations. These are education, communication, low-speed internet, high rate of internet service, electricity problem, improper training, unskilled employee. Education is the major hindering of outsourcing. Without proper training, no one can do outsourcing. Another important hindering of outsourcing is communication, without communication, we can not do any work. Above of all problems, there is an another problem which is payment problem. Freelancers feels insecure about payment. Sometimes clients do not give them as they promised. And there are no PayPal facilities in Bangladesh. We have to overcome this problem for doing online outsourcing.

Bangladeshi freelancers are very much preferred in the online marketplace. Foreigners are interested in our work. GARTNER Inc(www.gantner.com) world’s leading IT and research and consultancy company which publishes the top list outsourcing country every year. Bangladesh has been included in GERTNER top list. We have to proud of that. We can say that Bangladesh is more potential in outsourcing. There are some people who don’t get work because they are unskilled at it. As a result, they are being frustrated and going astray. There are many people they have no idea about online outsourcing. Our younger generations are suffering for this reason. We have to overcome this type of problem by telecasting programmed on TV channel and advertising in newspapers. The government should be alerted about it should be increased electricity and internet speed. We should take necessary steps in both Government and Non-Government way. After that, we can fulfill our targeted point and overcome our economic and unemployment problem.