Outsourcing Training Courses

Even now in Bangladesh, many people are entirely ignorant about the outsourcing field and jobs. Though a good number of freelancing/outsourcing training centers have grown up these days, some people don’t have any idea that they can also earn money from home, instead of looking for jobs outside. They need proper guidelines to gather knowledge and techniques for doing outsourcing related works. And now, there are many training institutes in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, who are ready to help people in doing outsourcing jobs. Advance IT Dhaka is one of them.

There are many areas in the outsourcing sector. Nowadays, many people are taking SEO training in Bangladesh. Social Media Marketing (SMM), SEO Copywriting / Article writing, Graphic Design and Web Design are also popular outsourcing fields in Bangladesh.

Courses offered by Advance IT Dhaka

Advance IT Dhaka has arranged different types of outsourcing training courses. The classes are as follows:

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training

Advance IT Dhaka is offering Basic and Advance SEO training in Dhaka. SEO is a process to rank a website in the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.). Application of correct SEO techniques can help to get more visitors to a site. A complete SEO course covers all the SEO white hat theories. SEO experts have high prospects and chances of huge earning in the outsourcing market.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

People who want to work in the Social Media Marketing platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Google Plus, etc.), can join the course of Social Media Marketing (SMM). To increase the volume of traffic and to boost up the selling process, Social Media Marketing is effective for online marketing. This course is suitable for those who want to establish their career as successful internet marketers or online business entrepreneurs.

  • SEO Copywriting / Blog writing

SEO Copywriting / Article writing is also another area for the freelancers in the outsourcing sector. As most people are moving towards online business, demand for good web content is rising high. People are looking for experts who know SEO Copywriting. So, those who are interested in writing, can join this course and earn a lot from the freelance market.

  • Graphic Design

People who love to work with design and design tools, Graphic Design courses are appropriate for them. The working field of graphic designers is vast, and they have a high demand in the online market. Advance IT Dhaka is rendering high-quality Graphic Design Training in Bangladesh.

  • Web Design and Development

Website designing is one of the most popular jobs in the freelancing marketplace. That’s why demand of web designers is also growing day by day. Advance IT Dhaka offers one of the most highly structured Website Design Courses in Bangladesh for the people who are interested in this prospective field of freelancing market. There is an excellent possibility of significant income for expert web designers.

Now, from the courses as mentioned earlier, you can choose your most preferred one. So, why wait? Get trained, enrich yourself, be an expert and start working.


Outsourcing Training Courses Syllabus