Outsourcing Training Opportunities in Bangladesh


‘Outsourcing Training opportunities’ in Bangladesh is nowadays entirely satisfactory. Through outsourcing jobs, Bangladesh is now getting known to the modern world. All classes, lower to higher educated people are becoming smarter by performing on this outsourcing stage through investing time and doing practical jobs. Many people are taking outsourcing jobs as their profession after obtaining proper training. Maximum Bangladeshi people of this profession are now capable of earning a very handsome amount which is sufficient for the national economy. It’s not too far when outsourcing jobs will be the breakthrough for Bangladesh.

What is outsourcing:

The root of ‘outsource’ is ‘outsourcing resource’ from the United States. Already it has been standard and modern business procedure which is enough cost effective. It means contract based work throughout abroad and internal area by the third party. Any business firm and company can let their jobs be done perfectly by hiring expert label of individual or company labor with a minimal expense whereas it would take an enormous consumption to complete a job by arranging their technology.

Outsourcing Training Opportunities in Bangladesh

What is Online Outsourcing?

‘Online outsourcing’ is nothing but outsourcing which is impossible without the internet. Here company or firm hires the third party via online. Most the interesting thing is, this job doesn’t require any location or any fixed time like job ours. Anyone after proving themselves perfect from any aspect of this world as the third party can do that job and can get an amount of money. Who are doing this online outsourcing are known as freelancers. In this era, enough expert freelancers on different stages are no more blue moon because of high profile trainers and training opportunities.

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Benefits of learning outsourcing in Bangladesh:

Outsourcing is an important part of Information Technology. It’s a matter of hope that Bangladesh has already gained the place of one of the best freelancing markets. The expert label of IT industries is up growing day by day. Almost 500+ IT companies are now running their business with individual domestic workers as well with international freelancers. Among top three, Bangladesh is one on Up work. Besides this leading management consulting firm AT Kearney Global has considered the Bangladesh as one of the best aspects of providing software and IT-related outsourcing jobs. BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services) states that approximately 100000+ freelancers are stepping out throughout the world with a quality work profile. Bangladesh is occupying a stable and vigorous place on IT outsourcing stage. These IT outsourcing activities of Bangladesh will occur the revolution and that day is not so far. Hence, in present time proper learning of outsourcing in Bangladesh conveys enormous advantages for individuals and country as well. This is because in new future, it will be hard to keep pace with the indoor competitors whereas Bangladesh is going to keep pace with the most top leading countries of the world in IT sector.

It can be said for sure that women of Bangladesh are more benefitted because of the forwarding situation of online outsourcing jobs. They can manage their family and can contribute an imposing figure of money on household expenses without going outside. Therefore, they are not getting the face of gender and racial discrimination as well. They can sharp themselves according to the technology of era without stepping outside. As in outsourcing sector, there is no time limitation, after completing their family work whenever they wish can invest their talent to earn money by using the internet.

Why outsourcing training is essential:

If anyone wants to be a freelancer by him/herself, it would be not enough easier. But if anyone is keenly interested in being an established freelancer and tries to be that and gets a regular training on online outsourcing then he/she must reach to that goal. After starting a profession as a freelancer, many people stop their career being frustrated. It only happens due to lack of knowledge about online outsourcing jobs and standard procedures of these jobs. Anyone can choose online outsourcing jobs as a potential career. It is also a bitter truth that if someone selects this profession without being proper trained up, it must not be fruitful rather it would be disappointing enough.

Outsourcing Training Opportunities in Bangladesh:

As it has been a high demanding earning source so enough, excellent training opportunities are also being raised. In Dhaka, a huge number of private IT institutes are providing their courses based on online jobs. Even not only in Dhaka but also throughout the country there are many outsourcing training centers. This number is rising so fast. One of the best training centers of these outsourcing jobs in Dhaka is ‘Advance It Institute. ‘The The training method is overall fantastic with the latest technology. Anyone can madly love this teaching method and can achieve their accurate learnings. Advance It Institute also provides some scopes to build up a career as a freelancer who is interested in this profession. Advance IT Institute emphasizes on:

Lacking of outsourcing training in Bangladesh:

No doubt in Bangladesh, online outsourcing is a growing earning source nowadays. Many people are interested in introducing themselves as a freelancer.As a result; many of them look for a good training center based on online outsourcing to accomplish their wish. A group of people uses this burning mass desire negatively for their business purpose. A lot of individuals are getting admitted to different training centers and coming out with incomplete learnings, with a bunch of desperation as well. It results in many ‘to be’ freelancers,  they change their track from online outsourcing.


Everyone can do a job, but everyone cannot be successful on their job. As the outsourcing job is an opportunity for Bangladeshi people, everyone should utilize this chance after preparing themselves getting proper training to be successful individually. Opportunity never comes twice. So, selection of appropriate training center who really can value enthusiasm to expand the desire is the first step to being successful on outsourcing jobs sector in Bangladesh.

Article Credit: Dill Robiya Parvin Jui