SEO Copywriting and Blog Writing

What is SEO Copywriting and Blog writing?

In today’s online marketing, to attract more visitors or traffic to a website, SEO Copywriting or SEO content creation is necessary. It is true that the technique of SEO content writing is a bit different from other writing. There was a time when SEO content writing technique used to concentrate only on the keywords and whether they made any sense or not; just fit them in the content. But time has changed now. Writing for the purpose of SEO is no longer as easy as before. The search engine algorithms have been changed recently and a lot more insistence has been given to the quality of the content. So, the specialty of writing SEO contents has been changed now.

Why SEO content writing is important for Online/Digital Marketing?

  • To provide information and build up a relationship with the newsletter subscribers
  • To present a clear understanding of a subject/product/service to the clients
  • To boost up SEO ranking for a website and drive more traffic/visitors
  • To distribute or share the content through Social Media and pull in even more traffic
  • To enhance the website’s popularity by presenting unique and quality content
  • To make the audience or the readers to stay longer on the website by publishing engaging content
SEO Copywriting and Blog writing
SEO Copywriting and Blog writing

Types of SEO content writing
SEO content writing can be any of the following types:
Article writing
Article writing can be on any topic. It must be a quality content as well as informative to provide the readers with valuable and necessary information over a particular subject.

Blog writing
For generating regular stream of SEO contents, a blog is one of the best ways. Blogs are online journals and are frequently updated. A blog-post is generally short and the readers can respond or leave comments to these posts online. Blogs are usually more engaging in nature and also famous for their casual style of writing.

Review writing for products/ services
Reviews of products/services are one of the most common types of content found on the internet. Reviews generally cover information on features, benefits, target users and practical details of the particular product/ service.

Lists writing
A list is also a kind of article, but framed as a list. As list articles are helpful and focus on the main points of a subject, people love these articles. An example of list article can be – “5 ways to get better results in Internet Marketing”.

Steps of SEO content writing:
Keyword Research
To generate more visitors through search, keyword research should be done before anyone starts writing. Keyword research is needed to focus on keywords/topics for which people are already searching.

Keyword Optimization
It is the method of researching, analyzing and selecting the most appropriate keyword phrases for the content and the readers. The keyword optimization process also includes the proper placement of keywords in the content for maximum search ability.

Content Organization
The organization of the content should be done in a logical way. This is really helpful for SEO and also or the readers.

Image Incorporation
Any content with images becomes more presentable. Adding images in the content creates a big impression. As people are visual, incorporating images in content can drive more visitors to the website.

Advance IT Dhaka announces to start a special course on “SEO Copywriting and Blog writing”. A special training course on “SEO Copywriting and Blog writing” is going to be started in Advance IT Dhaka. All necessary and vital aspects of SEO content writing are incorporated in this course. Advance IT Dhaka has a team of writers. The members of this team are trained, skilled and experienced and have a depth of knowledge in writing SEO contents and are well-established in the online market. They are dedicated to teach the students the art and techniques of content writing. They guide and support the students to ensure building up a successful freelancing career in SEO content writing.

Areas of concentration in this course:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword optimization
  • Use of different tools for keyword research
  • Writing unique, engaging and quality content
  • Writing blog posts, reviews, and list articles
  • Image incorporation in contents
  • Content marketing

Today, in online or freelancing market, SEO content writing is one of the most in-demand services. As most of the businesses going online to promote and market their products and services, the need for good content and content writers are increasing. So, those who want to grow their career as an SEO content writer in the freelancing market, take the chance of learning from the professional freelance writers in Advance IT Dhaka to ensure your success.